Important Update: UMR Data Breach

UMR Data Breach

In February 2024, Change Healthcare, a clearinghouse owned by UnitedHealth Group, was involved in a criminal cyberattack. There is no evidence that University health plan participants were impacted by the data breach. However, due to the relationship between Change Healthcare and many of the healthcare providers in the UHC network, it is best to monitor your health plan statements, bank and credit card statements, credit reports and tax returns for any suspicious activity.

Change Healthcare’s customer and individual data was targeted during the attack. While the investigation is ongoing, sensitive health information, including protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII), was leaked to the dark web. So far, no evidence of materials such as doctors’ chart or full medical histories appears to be among the leaked data.

Support for Impacted Individuals

Due to the ongoing investigation and complexity of the attack, a full analysis of leaked data and the impacted individuals will take months to complete. As the company continues to work with industry experts to review and monitor any leaked data, UMR is immediately providing support.

A center has been established to provide you with free credit monitoring, identity theft protection and emotional support services for the next two years if you’ve been impacted by the attack. You may reach the call center at 866-262-5342 or visit Change Cyber Support to get more information on available resources.

Note: The call center will not be able to provide you with any specifics on what data was impacted due to the ongoing investigation.