2024 Benefits Enrollment


What You Need to Do

If you want to enroll in coverage, follow the instructions in your Benefits Enrollment Decision Guide. Add dependents for medical, dental and/or vision coverage, if applicable. When enrolling a dependent for the first time, you must provide completed copies of required dependent documentation through Workday.

Enrolling in Coverage

Complete your enrollment online through Workday. Watch for announcements in Workday and emails from your campus with links to enrollment training materials. Review your Benefits Enrollment Decision Guide or check with your campus Human Resources Office for information on how to enroll.

Wellness Program

Opt in to UMR’s Live Well Reward$ wellness program for 2024. Through this program, you can receive online cash incentives up to $500 a year by completing certain wellness activities, screenings and assessments once you opt in.

If you enroll in the Classic or Premier Plan, you automatically qualify for a lower medical plan out-of-pocket limit by opting in to the wellness program.

To opt in, you must first log in to umr.com and opt in for the Live Well Reward$ wellness program by January 15, 2024, or you won’t be eligible for savings until 2025.

Contribute to Your Retirement

If you’re not eligible for benefits or you’re enrolled with APERS, you can still contribute to an unmatched 403(b) supplemental retirement account on a voluntary basis, up to IRS limits.

Grantham employees are required to participate in the UAS 403(b)/457(b) defined contribution retirement plan.

You can select investment funds available through both of the university’s retirement plan recordkeepers/vendors — TIAA and Fidelity Investments.


The university retirement plan requires all benefits-eligible employees to contribute 5% of their regular salary, pre-tax, to the 403(b). The university will provide a matching 5% contribution.

If you voluntarily contribute over the required 5%, the university will match your contributions up to a total of 10% (within IRS limits).

You can increase, decrease or end your voluntary contributions at any time. Important! If you change your contribution, your change will go into effect the first of the month following the date you make the change.

Vesting Requirements

You are automatically vested in your own contributions. This means that you can take them with you if you leave the university for any reason.

You become vested in the university contributions if you complete 24 consecutive months of employment in a benefits-eligible position.

Review additional vesting information on the Retirement Savings Plan page.

Required Notices

View the latest legal and required notices on the Required Notices page.