2024 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Decision Guide

Medical Benefits

Here’s an overview of the 2024 plan changes for each University medical plan.

Classic Plan and Premier Plan

You will automatically receive a lower medical out-of-pocket maximum for your medical plan by enrolling in the Live Well Reward$ wellness program. See Wellness Program section (below) for more information.

Health Savings Plan 

The IRS-mandated deductible will increase to $3,200 for individual coverage.

Health Savings Account

2024 contribution limits (set by the IRS):

  • Individual: $4,150
  • Family: $8,300

If you are enrolled in the Health Savings Account, available for only those in the Health Savings Plan, the university will contribute $650 individual/$1,200 family to your account.

Remember that an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution is allowed if you will be age 55 or older by December 31, 2024.

Flexible Spending Account

2023 contribution limits (set by the IRS):

  • Healthcare FSA: $3,050*
  • Dependent Care FSA: $5,000*

* As of October 1, 2023, the IRS has not issued updated limits for 2024. Given campus-level coding and publication deadlines, the university will use 2023 maximums for 2024.

Dependent Audit

The university will be conducting a dependent audit in 2024 to determine spouse and dependent eligibility. Any ineligible participants should be removed during open enrollment.

Wellness Program

In 2024 our current wellness program and Tobacco Pledge will be replaced by UMR’s Live Well Reward$ wellness program. Through this new wellness program you can receive online cash incentives up to $500 a year by completing certain wellness activities, screenings and assessments once you opt-in.

If you’re enrolled in the Classic or Premier Plan, you automatically qualify for a lower medical plan out-of-pocket limit by opting in to the wellness program.

You must opt-in for the Live Well Reward$ wellness program by 5 pm on November 9, 2023, or you won’t be eligible for savings until 2025.

To opt-in to Live Well Reward$:

  1. Log into umr.com.
  2. Select the Wellness Activity Center tile from the Home Page.
  3. Click the Get started button.
  4. Scroll to Log Your Activities and Events widget.
  5. Select Opt-in to Wellness Program on umr.com.
  6. Select Record button.
  7. Enter the current date.
  8. Check the "I have completed the event requirements." box.
  9. Select Record button, again.
  10. Opt-in to Wellness Program on umr.com will show as Recorded.
  11. Refresh your screen and you will see a Gold Star in the Track your progress widget and Opt-in to Wellness with reflect a green check mark in the status column.

New in 2023

Access Perks

A new employee discount program was introduced in August called Access Perks. With Access Perks you have access to the largest discount network in the country and can save up to 50% on everyday expenses. More information about how you can take advantage of this benefit is available on the Employee Discounts page.


The university’s new mental health benefit, offered through Talkspace, provides 24/7 access to licensed therapists to help assist with your mental health needs. With different ways to communicate, either through private messaging (via text, voice or video) or by scheduling a live video session, you can connect with someone whenever and wherever best suits you. To learn more about this new benefit offering, as well as UAMS Health Now and your other telehealth options, visit the Telehealth Services page.